Sunday, July 28, 2019

My Hall of Fame Adventure

The Induction Field

I love going to the Hall of Fame. I have gone up Hall of Fame weekend a handful of times throughout my life, but I never really had the full experience. Typically my day of choice is Saturday, the day before the induction, because the crowd is on Main Street is incredible. What makes Cooperstown so old-timey, it is simply one road, with a bunch of old time shops, and eateries that you can find in every corner of the country. What makes it different is that everything is about baseball. There used to be a General Store, and despite the disappointment and loyalty of Mike (who had to walk in there every time he goes), but they closed that up. But Hall of Fame weekend, the street comes to life, like Times Square, but baseball themed. People are wearing different teams hats and shirts to not only identify their beloved heroes, but also as a way of identifying how far they have travelled from. Whether people are from Queens, Seattle, Phoenix, Puerto Rico or Panama, everyone is there for the same reason. For the chance to be with their heroes.